Nolan at the Democratic National Convention

Through my day job, I was fortunate enough to be forced to take a week off the ANC campaign trail and head down to Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention.

Click here to go to to watch a video I was a part of while I was in Charlotte. The video was done by my friend, Elon James White, who shot it for The Root (via his own show, This Week in Blackness). I was really tired from working a long day when Elon asked me to do this, so apologies if I’m a little rambling. I’m honored to have been in a video with Van Jones, someone who I greatly admire, as well as one of our great big city mayors, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.

You should also really follow Elon on twitter and check out This Week in Blackness also!

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Here I am with one of my favorite Congressmen, Representative Keith Ellison from Minneapolis. Rep. Ellison is also Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and a guy who isn’t just holding a seat in Congress, he’s organizing Congress to help regular working people.


I made sure to carve a couple hours out of my work to be able to attend the DC Statehood protest. It was sort of bizarre because the sanctioned protest area was hard to get to and hard rain was on and off right before and during the protest, but I appreciated the spirit of the protest.


I got into the convention itself on the night of President Bill Clinton’s barn-burner of a speech. And as if that weren’t enough of a treat, President Barack Obama came out at the end of the speech. What a night!