Fixing Street Signs

As I’ve been talking with folks, I inevitably get asked why I’m running for ANC. I have lots of reasons, but I thought I’d use this blog to share examples of what I do that I think would translate well to the ANC position. This is the first in what will be an ongoing series of things that I observe that illustrate that I’m not interested in just occupying the seat of the ANC Commissioner, I’m interested in working on these civic issues and that I really enjoy helping solve problems for and with my neighbors. Click on ‘read more’ to read a first example of this work.

The street signs on a corner near my house frequently get turned around when it’s windy. A few months ago, I logged a report with 311 to get the sign at the corner of 22nd and Lawrence Street corrected (it had turned so much, it looked like Lawrence was both Lawrence AND 22nd, and 22nd didn’t have a name)

311 came out and fixed it in due course, but after another summer storm, it happened again.

I thought about logging another 311 report and waiting a couple weeks for them to come out and fix it, but then I decided to take it into my own hands. After all, it just needed to be rotated, it didn’t even require any tools. So I got out my ladder, walked down the street and fixed it myself.

All mixed up! Despite the fact this was taken from Lawrence Street, you can’t even see the 22nd Street sign, because it’s facing the camera. And the Lawrence Street sign is diagonal, meaning it’s not helping anyone!


All fixed up! After I got up and fixed the sign you can now tell which street is 22nd and which is Lawrence!


I think this illustrates in two ways why I will make a great ANC Commissioner. Not only am IĀ diligentĀ and observant to notice these ‘little things’ that help make what would be just a good neighborhood into our GREAT neighborhood, but also that I’m not afraid to just get in there and get the job done when that’s what is called for.

Ask anyone who I’ve worked with and they’ll tell you I’m 100% solution-oriented. I’m not really that worried with who get credit or how it gets done, the important thing is that everyone is happy with the outcome.

So if the job calls for calling 311 and staying on them until they fix the issue, I’m up to the task. And if the job calls for picking up a mop and helping clean up, I can do that too.