Campaign Financial Report

As with all ANC candidates, I am required to file a campaign finance report. (If you don’t spend or raise any money, then you just have to check a box saying so and that’s your filing). You can view the report here [2012 Campaign OCF Report Filing] but it’s a pretty skimpy report, and part of why I ran was to bring more transparency to the ANC office, so I figured I’d go into some more detail here.

Pretty much the only thing the report tells you is that I raised and spent $1,816.24 throughout the campaign. One thing that isn’t broken out on the report is that $275.83 of that was contributions I made to my campaign (all individuals, EXCEPT the candidate themselves, are limited to a maximum contribution of $25). That $275 isn’t a check I wrote to my campaign account, I just kept a running tab of things that I paid for personally that were campaign-related and that’s what it came to after it was all said and done (specifically this wound up being the website fees, several trips to the post office to buy stamps and partial payment for the campaign signs).

The $1,535 that I raised from people who were not myself came from 65 individuals, 91% of whom gave the maximum $25 contribution. Some other stats about my supporters: 55% of donors are DC residents; 19% of donors live in Ward 5; and 11% of donors were relatives (including my in-laws).

And more generally, I can tell you the 65 people who donated to my campaign are all people I know. They are people who I’ve worked with in my current career, or in my previous career. Some are people who I work with every day and some are people I have worked with occasionally or even just a couple times.

Making a contribution to a political candidate is a meaningful gesture. Not just because it funds the campaign, but because it takes a certain amount of faith that your money will be used wisely and – more importantly – that the candidate will be an honorable public servant. I like to think that the 65 people who donated to my campaign feel confident – based on their experience working with me and knowing me – that the money was well spent and that I will serve DC and my constituents honorably. It’s an honor to get that kind of confidence from 65 people and I am confident I can live up to the trust that has been placed in my hands.

But enough about fundraising, how did I spend all that money? Here’s a breakdown:

Signs (Yard signs and pole signs) $821.56
Flyers (Printed material door knocking and election day) $606.22
Supplies (Staple gun, heavy duty tape, clipboard, etc) $157.38
Fundraising (Credit card fees, thank you notes) $69.81
Website (hosting, domain, database/contact system) $89.97
Postage $71.30
TOTAL $1,816.24

In hindsight, I spent too much money on the signs and I could have saved possibly a decent amount of money there. If I’d raised less money, I would have gone with cheaper printed materials and fewer signs. I also could have easily cut down on the $89 spent on the website and database, but I’m pleased to now have a database I can use for the next year to track constituent issues and contact.

So that’s my financial report! As always, leave a comment or contact me if you’ve got questions or want clarification on any of this.