Reminder: Single Member District Mtg this Saturday, Jan 26 at 10am

Just a reminder that I’m holding my first single member district meeting this Saturday, please come!

Date: Saturday, January 26
Time: 10am
Location: Woodridge Library (18th and Rhode Island Ave NE), Room #1, Upstairs

I originally thought the agenda would be pretty light, but that is hardly the case now. The agenda will include:

  • Chuck Brown Park – Officials from DC Government will be on hand to discuss the new Chuck Brown Park (formerly half of Langdon Park). Confirmed to attend are DC Department of General Services (DGS, who would build the new amphitheater/park) and Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR, who would presumably manage it)
  • Update from Councilmember McDuffie’s office – The Councilmember himself has a prior engagement and may or may not be able to come by, but his staff will be on hand to give an update.
  • Update on a new restaurant coming to Rhode Island Avenue (last update we got was via the Rhode Island Avenue Insider). The owner, Brookland resident Oliver Friendly, will give us an update now that interior construction has begun.
  • And, of course, community announcements and general questions/discussion

I’m looking forward to having a great meeting and don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’ve got questions in advance of the meeting.


2 thoughts on “Reminder: Single Member District Mtg this Saturday, Jan 26 at 10am

  1. Many thanks to Nolan for bringing the community together this morning. There was a huge turnout with an overwhelming message to STOP or completely rething (downsize) this Chuck Brown Pavillion. The residents simply don’t want this huge traffic monstrosity in our quiet, tree-lined neighborhood.

    Use the funds for Langdon Park and recreation center restorations and improvements instead!

    Langdon Resident

  2. Juan, I totally agree that this music pavilion is not a positive addition to our quiet neighborhood. I wish we had been asked for our input before they spent the money on the plans, but at least they now know that we don’t want the pavilion. There are other appropriate ways to honor Chuck Brown that won’t negatively affect our quality of life here in Langdon Park.

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