Meeting This Thur, Oct 24 – Agenda Item: Taste Lounge Liquor License

Please join me for a Single Member District meeting this Thursday:

Date: Thursday, October 24
Time: 6:30 – 8:00 PM
Location: Art Enables, 2204 Rhode Island Ave NE

First, a big thanks to Art Enables for hosting the meeting, they are a tremendous asset to our neighborhood and do great work!

For the meeting, I’ve invited a couple neighborhood businesses to come and tell us about their organizations, but we’ll probably spend most of the meeting talking about Taste Lounge’s liquor license renewal.

Taste Lounge is located across Rhode Island Avenue NE from the Woodridge library and the Golden Skillet take out. It’s between a liquor store (Hamlin Liquors) and the IATSE union office. The address is 1812 Hamlin St NE (though you might think the address would be Rhode Island Ave). You can view the basic information of their liquor license here.

Taste has applied to renew their liquor license with DC’s Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA). I’ve been fielding complaints about noise and general late night rowdiness around Taste since before I was sworn in to office and this is an opportunity for the community to enter into what is called a “Settlement Agreement” (which they used to call a “Voluntary Agreement” until a year or two ago). That’s a written agreement between the community and the establishment that outlines how the establishment must conduct itself. The terms of a Settlement Agreement are most often around noise, trash, parking, and public safety/security. Below you can see a document ABRA put together that details the kinds of things can and can’t be addressed in a Settlement Agreement. (Or check out the ABRA website page on the topic)

I look forward to hearing how neighbors would like to move forward with Taste. Due to their history, I suspect we will want to protest this license.

I look forward to seeing you Thursday at Art Enables!


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