Thank you to those who came out Monday night!

Thanks to the nearly 30 people who showed up to testify (on short notice!) at Monday’s Department of the Environment hearing to protest two new auto spray facilities applying for permits to open in our neighborhood. One one person spoke in favor of the permits, everyone else was opposed.

I would especially like to thank Councilmember McDuffie, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners Debbie Smith-Steiner, Walter Deleon, and Michael Morrison, Friends of Rhode Island Ave Executive Director Kyle Todd, Woodridge South Civic Association President Carlos Davis, and Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association President Tom Bridge.

We honestly don’t know if these permits will get issued or not. But we’ve come a long way in just having a hearing, and then turning out in reasonably large numbers for that hearing. In past years these permits would sail through for approval but Councilmember McDuffie has worked to empower the regulators to hold these hearings and I’m heartened that our community showed up in such good numbers. I’ll keep everyone posted on those permits.

Read Councilmember McDuffie’s full comments after the hearing here.