About ANC 5C07

The New ANC 5C07

After the 2010 Census many of the ANC and SMD lines in Ward 5 changed. ANC 5C07 is made up of part of the Woodridge neighborhood in Northeast Washington, DC:

The new ANC 5C07 starting with the November 2012 election.

(Sometimes people refer to the area south of Rhode Island Avenue as ‘Langdon’ but it’s technically all Woodridge)

The New ANC 5C

The new ANC 5C will include parts or all of the neighborhoods of Arboretum, Brentwood, Fort Lincoln, Gateway, South Woodridge (South Central), and Woodridge:

Map courtesy of DC Office of ANC [PDF link]

You can also check out the DC Office of ANC Maps of Ward 5 ANCs and SMDs

What are ANCs about anyway?

Wikipedia has a pretty decent definition of what ANCs are. And the DC Council does as well. Or the DC office of the ANC.

Wondering about voting in DC for ANC?

Check out my page on voting!


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