Know any walls that could use a public mural?

I’ve gotten word that MuralsDC, the city’s graffiti prevention alternative project is looking for new applicants. DPW is now accepting applications from commercial property owners who are interested in receiving a free mural to replace or prevent a wall vandalized with graffiti.

From their website:

Murals DC is a partnership between the District’s Department of Public Works, the DC Commission on the Arts and the Humanities, and Words Beats & Life Inc… The project has resulted in the creation of over thirty murals that reflect the character, culture, and history of neighborhoods in the District, particularly in areas with high incidents of illegal graffiti.

Murals DC aims to help replace illegal graffiti with artistic works, to revitalize sites within the community, and to teach young people the art of aerosol painting. The goal of this initiative is to positively impact the District’s youth by providing them with the resources they need to engage in this project. By offering them instruction in proper technique, the supplies that they need, and spaces to legally practice and perform their developing skills, the Murals DC project promotes respect for public and private property as well as community awareness for the young people we work with.

The requirements for the properties are:

  • Donated space must be privately owned (not a private residence) and located in the District of Columbia.
  • Owners must consent (via a signed Authorization and Release form) to donate wall space for at least one year and leave the mural intact for that year.
  • Donated space must be highly visible from the street.

If you’ve got an idea for a space, let me know and I’ll try to reach out to the owner to try and encourage them to apply.


DC Foreclosure Prevention Program

Know someone who might be on the verge of foreclosure? Have them check out HomeSaverDC, the District’s program to help prevent foreclosure:

If they person isn’t online, have them call DC Housing Finance Agency at 202-777-1690

Part of what I want to do as ANC is make sure that word is getting out about programs that already exist to help us. Obviously, posting on a blog isn’t a comprehensive strategy for getting the word out, but I post it here as an example of the kinds of things I want to do if/when I’m elected.