Campaign Financial Report

As with all ANC candidates, I am required to file a campaign finance report. (If you don’t spend or raise any money, then you just have to check a box saying so and that’s your filing). You can view the report here [2012 Campaign OCF Report Filing] but it’s a pretty skimpy report, and part of why I ran was to bring more transparency to the ANC office, so I figured I’d go into some more detail here.

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We did it! Nolan Treadway is Commissioner-Elect for ANC 5C07!

We did it! With early votes and all three precincts reporting, we won!

Nolan Treadway – 431 (44%)
Patricia Brown-Daniels – 377 (38%)
Shelly Gardner – 165 (17%)

THANK YOU all supporters and volunteers!

Looking forward to a great two years for Woodridge and Langdon! If you’re a constituent and want to keep in touch, please sign up for the email list on right.

I’m humbled and honored to serve Woodridge and Langdon.