Langdon Park Community Walk Through this Saturday

Join DC Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie, Metropolitan Police Department, DC Department of Parks and Recreation, DC Department of General Services and myself (Nolan) this Saturday on a community walk through of Langdon Park on February 23, 10am.  We’ll meet in front of Langdon Recreation Center. This walk through is a follow up of one held in early December. Note: This walk through is NOT for the purposes of discussing the ongoing Chuck Brown Park amphitheater. Of course, the topic will come up, and that’s fine, but I don’t expect any news or new information on that, specifically, on Saturday. The purpose is to identify improvements/maintenance in the current park and try to get them addressed.

I hope to see you Saturday!


Langdon Park Walk Through Report

On Saturday, December 8 a group of residents and DC officials gathered for a community walk through of Langdon Park and the surrounding area.

Councilmember McDuffie starts off the community walk through at 20th and Hamlin

Councilmember McDuffie put together the walk through at the urging of Cheryl, a resident concerned with the state of the Park, Recreation Center, 9/11 Memorial Grove and surrounding area.

On the walk through we were joined by several of McDuffie’s staff, an officer from MPD, DC Department of Parks and Recreation and DC Department of General Services (DGS handles capital improvements to parks, while DPR maintains them). We were also joined by outgoing ANC Commissioner Patricia Brown-Daniels, representatives from the Langdon Dog Park Association, as well as a representative from the DC Horseshoe Pitchers Association, which uses the horseshoe pits in Langdon Park. The walk through came together in less than a week, so it was tough to get the word out, but I did flyer 75 houses between the park and Rhode Island Avenue, which I think helped turn some residents out. We had about 20 residents attend, though it’s hard to know exact numbers since folks came and went.

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