YOU should run for ANC!

After a lot of consideration, I have decided against running for ANC again this fall. I’ve had four great years and there is certainly more work to do, but it’s time to give someone else a turn…..

Maybe that will be YOU!!

To run for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner you need to pick up official petitions from the Board of Elections and then turn in signatures of at least 25 folks who live in your Single Member District. While the election isn’t until November. The first date to pick up petitions is July 11, 2016 and the deadline to submit completed petitions is Wednesday, August 10, 2016.

I look forward to working with my successor and doing everything I can to make sure they succeed. If you’re thinking about running and would like to talk more about it, please reach out, I’d be happy to meet for a cup of coffee and talk about the job.

And if you are reading this but don’t know what Single Member District you live in, you can always put your address in the DC Master Address Repository.


If you vote at Burroughs, your polling place has been moved

As you should all know, there is a special election in DC on Tuesday, April 23.

BUT Burroughs Elementary School is NOT the polling place for Precinct 70 (as it usually is).

If you usually vote at Burroughs, on April 23 vote at Taft/Perry Street Prep at 1800 Perry Street, Northeast

Letter from the DC Board of Elections stating that if you usually vote at Burroughs, vote at Taft/Perry Street Prep.
Letter from the DC Board of Elections stating that if you usually vote at Burroughs, vote at Taft/Perry Street Prep.

Petitions: Submitted!

By my count, yesterday I knocked on about 85 of my neighbors doors, gathering signatures and talking to folks about what’s important to the in the neighborhood.

And today I turned in well over the minimum of 25 signatures to get on the ballot for ANC 5C07 on November 6, 2012.

While walking the neighborhood, I talk to folks about why I am running and I heard their concerns about the neighborhood. One resident is worried about commercial trucks parking on his street, as they tend to do daily. Another was interested in speed bumps/humps for their intersection. These are just two examples of exactly why I’m running for ANC — to do the little things that will keep our community great! I’ll work with residents to make sure that commercial entities respect our parking rules and I’ll happily work with neighbors to control the speed of cars (many with Maryland plates!) that speed through the neighborhood, creating unsafe conditions for our seniors and youth.