2066 Rhode Island Ave Liquor License Protest FAQ and Next Steps

Thanks all who were able to make it out on Wednesday night. I know the late notice prevented some from making it, but we will catch you up!

At the meeting I handed out a somewhat comprehensive FAQ (PDF) on the whole situation and the protest, but let highlight some next steps and important points:

  • MAKE SURE YOU’VE SIGNED ONE OF THE OFFICIAL PETITIONS – Signing the petition is the only way to certify yourself as a protestant and be able to testify at the final protest hearing.
  • MARK YOU CALENDAR FOR MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30 AT 10:00 AM – This is the Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Roll Call hearing and we’re trying to get a good turnout so that we can show the ABC Board that the community is strongly opposed to this liquor license
  • Come out tomorrow, Saturday, November 14 at 11:00 AM for about an hour as we canvass the area around SIP. We’re meeting at Good Food Market  at11am and we’ll focus on the block of Irving between 18th and 20th to get those folks signed on to the petition.
  • Get signatures on your own! If you want to get some signatures on your own, you can download a PDF of the official petition here. Just please make sure that either Kevin or myself have any petition signatures by this Sundaynight (Monday is the day we’ll be turning them in)
  • Do you know a notary in the neighborhood who would help with this project? We’ll need one to help us out in the coming months.

Thanks to everyone who has stepped up to help with this effort. Despite the circumstances, it is great to see neighbors coming out and working together. I believe that we will win!


June 29 SMD Mtg Report: No amphitheater for Chuck Brown Park

Below are my notes and information from the SMD Meeting last June 29 at the Woodridge Library. Check out my Meetings page to learn about upcoming meetings.

Chuck Brown Park

The big news from the meeting came from the DGS and DPR presenters who said the concept of the Chuck Brown memorial as an amphitheater has been scraped and the memorial will now be a plaza. When this was announced, the meeting broke out in applause! The current designs include a statue and information about Chuck Brown’s life and legacy. They call for a human-scale wall that will include his discography and images. Both designs also included a statue of Chuck Brown, which would require a different process, but one they expect to include.

The designs can be viewed just below here. If you click all the way through the presentation, there is a way to give feedback on the designs on the last slide. DC Government is giving people until Friday, July 12 to comment online. I will also be holding a meeting on Thursday, July 11 (7pm, at the Langdon Rec Center) where I will collect feedback that I can pass along to the DC Government.

Chuck Brown – Concept Design Options

The response at the meeting was overwhelmingly positive to the new direction. The one thing to note is the plaza is likely to move forward without the statue at first, but only because building statues on public land requires a different process than building a plaza or building. Essentially, building a statue on public land has to go through the Arts Commission and that process will take a couple years to produce a statue. In the meantime they’ll go ahead with the rest and add the statue when it’s done.

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Latest Chuck Brown Park Amphitheater Update

We had a meeting last Saturday, May 11, with about 30 community members in attendance. The architects and Department of General Services presented revised designs for the proposed Chuck Brown Memorial Amphitheater including a smaller tower and improved sightlines.

But most of the neighbors who spoke at the meeting were not there to provide feedback on plans, but to suggest and demand that they do not want a new amphitheater there at all.

The DC government officials leading the meeting said they would be again meeting with leadership downtown to determine next steps and if the project is moving forward.

And I believe DC government is seriously reconsidering the placement of this Amphitheater at Langdon Park.

Based on the conversations I’ve had recently, and the tone of those conversations, it is my estimation that the District government may be reconsidering it’s plans. I have no exceptional knowledge of any internal deliberations, but that’s just the sense I get.

They will be letting us know what next steps are or when they’ve made a decision, but if you would like to have your voice heard (either in support or against the amphitheater), I’d suggest these are the people to email and let your voice be heard:

  • Mayor Vince Gray – Mayor.VincentGray@dc.gov
  • Department of General Services Director Brian Hanlon – brian.hanlon@dc.gov
  • Department of Parks and Recreation Director Jesus Aguirre – jesus.aguirre@dc.gov
  • Councilmember Kenyan McDuffe – kmcduffie@dccouncil.us
  • McDuffie’s Staffer, Jon Mandel, Community & Business Affairs Coordinator – jmandel@dccouncil.us
  • And please also copy me, Nolan Treadway, at nolan@ancnolan.com