New Renderings for Proposed Chuck Brown Park Amphitheater

I’ll try to get a post full of notes and next steps up, but wanted to share an electronic copy of the presentation we saw at the meeting this morning. It’s a big file and you can view it on this website by clicking “Read more” below

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Update on Langdon Park Event Permitting

On Thursday, March 14 about 20 neighbors of Langdon Park got together at the Rec Center to discuss one aspect of park use in particular: events that require a permit from DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR). The charge of the meeting was for the community to develop (or start to develop) a process to determine what event that are applying for a permit should get ‘ANC support.’

[Before I go on, let me note the next meeting on this topic is Thur, April 4 at 6:30. More info at the bottom of this post or on the Meetings page of this site.]

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Wrap up of Langdon Park Walk Through Meeting

The morning of February 23 we met in front of the Langdon Recreation Center for what was supposed to be a ‘walk through’ of the park but – due to weather – turned into a (productive and informative) meeting and update session instead.

A BIG THANKS is due to the folks who presented at the meeting: Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), Department of General Services (DGS), Department of Transportation (DDOT), Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie (the Councilmember himself as well as several staff).

The walk through was a follow up to one held in December, where lots of issues in and around Langdon Park were identified.

And today there were lots of updates and great news to share! Department of Parks and Recreation informed us of the following upgrades coming “hopefully by/during summer” to Langdon Park:

  • 16 New benches
  • 10 New trash cans
  • Resurfacing of parking lot near dog park and entry drive (entry drive to include a chain and/or gate, per community request)
  • 3 New game tables (I didn’t get definition, but I think these are outdoor tables people can sit and play chess and other games at)
  • New picnic tables
  • LOTS more lighting, focusing in the east half of the park in particular (note: in the email I sent to my list, I regret that I forgot this wonderful point!)
  • A fence to secure the access between the Langdon Rec Center and the house directly to the north – it’s a cut-through frequently used by kids to duck out of street view
  • At least one water source for the Ward 5 9/11 Memorial Grove
  • Signage for the Ward 5 9/11 Memorial Grove

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